Artificial identities

September 1 - 22

Artificial identities

It is the next theme of the 2024 edition, the tenth. As every year over 100 lectures open to the public, workshops, exhibitions and awareness campaign in the most picturesque places of Ischia and beyond.

What are we becoming? Toward what future is humanity moving, after creating new virtual bodies, new intelligences, new identities?

A new world opens up to our reach by doubling us, altering us into infinite variations of ourselves. Artificial intelligences project us into a dimension of insecurity. Are they abandoning us at the edge of a new world, in which human beings will no longer be protagonists?

In the next edition we will address the topic by trying to grasp the benefits, the risks to which we are exposing ourselves in trying to be and not be ourselves.

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Academic and at the Young Thinkers Festival

Are you an academic and want to discuss your research with scholars from all over the world? You are in the right place! Are you a college student? Send us a proposal.

The festival offers an alternative setting the Young Thinkers Festival in which newly enrolled humanities majors have the opportunity to engage with established scholars and their peers. Follow the call for papers where you will find directions for composing your report proposal!

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Express Your Vision

Are you a high school student and want to present your philosophical vision to the world in advance?

Are you passionate about Philosophy, Humanities, Science? Here, too, the festival has for years offered a chance to get involved. You can participate as a group, alone, or guided by a professor who shares your passion for the spiritual sciences.

InSophia Laboratories

School groups can also participate as auditors, following the youth lectures and those of the great thinkers.

The Festival offers an itinerary dedicated to you with workshops and direct interactions with the most celebrated names on the international cultural scene.

In addition, InSophia Association (the organizing body of the festival) offers the opportunity to attend reasoning workshops with experts and academics in the humanities to participate in the festival’s awareness campaign. A true ethical campaign with children as the absolute protagonists. Workshops are also held online.

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