About Us

About Us

A Festival Guided by Philosophy and Ethics.


InSophia Association founded the festival in 2015. It is involved in social promotion and spreading the ethical message of the Festival.

Founder and Scientific Director: Raffaele Mirelli

He was born on the island of Ischia in February 1978. He graduated in Philosophy from the Federico II University in Naples in 2003. He then continued his education in Germany, at the Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg, where he received his Ph.D. from the Husserlian Archives.

His research focuses on the figure of the philosopher and the relationship between academia and society. The main question that animates the founder of the festival is. “Why study philosophy again?” Following this common thread and observing the dynamics associated with this figure, even more so noting the limited opportunity for the application of philosophy in the world of work, he founded the Ischia and Naples philosophy festival in 2015.

He is joined in this adventure by Sara Trani, a photographer and festival events coordinator with whom he shares a passion for the culture of art, free expression of young people. The scientific co-director is Professor Andrea Le Moli of the University of Palermo, a friend and supporter of the event since its first year.

About Us

InSophia association
founds the festival in 2015

Festival condition
Andrea Le Moli

Scientific committee for the event
Raphael Mirelli
Andrea Le Moli
University of Palermo
Peter Greco †
Science Disclosure
James Conant
Chicago University
Honorary Scientific Committee
W. Kaltenbacher
IISF, Naples
Francesco Rispoli
G. Sadoul Circle
Luca Scarantino

Event direction and on-site supervision
Sara Trani, Marco Ciarlone

Session directors
Giorgio Espugnatore, Francesco Impagliazzo, Graziano Petrucci,
Ramon Rispoli, Giulia Castagliuolo,
Mariafrancesca De Martino,
Carmine Stornaiuolo, Micol Rispoli, Antonio D’Ascia

Press Office
Pasquale Raicaldo

Melania Buonomano, Claudio Cervera

Hospitality and travel arrangements
Felicetta Ammirati

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