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Guide to the Report Proposal

For the Philosophy Festival

It is published every year on February 1 and is the real driving force behind the festival. It indicates how to prepare the proposed report and how the festival’s scientific committee wanted to design the thematic approach on the topic. It is written together with all partners (also in English). The areas of relevance do not only address the humanities, but in general connect all knowledge, sciences to the annual theme. We look forward to seeing you on February 1, 2024.

La call for papers


Philosophers? A philosophical podcast for those who don't understand a thing about life

The first episode of this fun and ironic podcast will be published on February 24th. A series of stories, connected to each other, which describe the vicissitudes of those who choose a life guided by a “philosophical voice”. The narrative voice and the idea are by Raffaele Mirelli, philosopher and creator of the festival. The production is entrusted to: Studio A

sleep, eat, philosophize


Ischia is an island to discover! There are many things to do on this small but wonderful Mediterranean island.


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