Philosophy becomes a practical act!

The Festival of Philosophy

A September Initiative to Awaken Civic Sense.

September, Civic Sense Month in the Festival of Philosophy

Each year the Philosophy Festival offers the opportunity for citizens to be able to shape their inner voice, that ethical consciousness that is realized in observing the daily behaviors that characterize, design the city as a core of community, political activity. This is, however, from a critical point of view.

The main goal of the campaign is to awaken the civic sense of citizens through Practical Philosophy by creating an active working group with Cultural Association, foundations and managers of public property and, of course, schools to launch “September, Civic Sense Month.”

Island Festival

A Month of Exhibitions, Concerts and Activities

Meetings, workshops organized with schools, with citizens are the main vehicle that allows the creation of written short-form essays (aphorisms) that are placed on special panels and located on the streets of the city. The questions that guide the citizen through this civic sense-making are:

What should a citizen do to improve the quality of life in their city? How to maintain cultural heritage, expressed in public works? Do they not represent, in their maintained state, the city “identity card”?

Annual Festival

The campaign opens on Sept. I each year and proposes motor stops on Sundays in September, opening up those urban arteries usually crowded by cars, to the community through activities of all kinds, where children and young people are major players. About 3,000 people attend the event every single Sunday.

The Festival lasts a whole month and features exhibitions, concerts and many other activities that make it one of the most anticipated events for the island’s citizens and the many tourists who have been following us for years.

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