The Festival of Academic Talks

They are the beating heart of the festival.

For the past nine years, more than a thousand academics have chosen the festival to give lectures on our proposed theme. They are called “Talks” because they try to bring together the technical-disciplinary aspect and the popular aspect-a real gamble that the festival wants to bring to all participants.


The Talks cover not only the philosophical field, but all areas of knowledge. Thus an open comparison school is established for all participants. Each speaker is selected by the scientific committee and given thirty minutes to present his or her view on the annual theme, going through the classics of world thought. In past years we have hosted academics and scholars from all over the world. The lectures, in fact, are given in both Italian and English.

Guevara Tower

The Talks at the Guevara Tower

Debates and Inspirations at the Guevara Tower

The Talks are held at the magnificent Guevara Tower in five different rooms. Session directors are experts in the humanities and professionals in the field who welcome and animate discussions on the festival’s highlight days. The disquisitions that are created do not stop in the conference rooms, but continue in the Tower garden.

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Debates and Inspirations at the Guevara Tower

To submit a proposal, simply follow the directions in the call for papers. Here you will find all the areas of relevance and how to make a proposal. The call is rich in insights and varied ways of interaction.

At the end of the festival, the most significant talks are selected to be published as “festival proceedings.”

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