At the Mortella


The opening of the Festival

an enchanting tradition

At Giardini la Mortella, the Festival opens its three days of thematic conferences. More than 100 philosophers and the public meet in this enchanted garden to kick off the philosophical weekend. On Thursdays (this year on Sept. 19), speakers from around the world are registered, and in the evening admission is allowed to the entire public, of course subject to seating, for the opening lecture.

The opening lecture is given by one of the festival’s keynote speakers. In addition, on the Wednesday prior to the opening of the three-day Talks–also at this beautiful Garden–the festival (thanks to the support of the W. Walton Foundation) offers an evening concert of classical music. Admission as per tradition is free, but reservations are required.

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After the program is published-which happens on September 1 each year-you can make reservations by writing to:

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